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We meet exacting requirements for quality, reliability and performance

Metallic Pieces

Our Expertise

International Manufacturing & Engineering is a full-service CNC precision machine shop serving Silicon Valley manufacturing and technology companies. A long-standing team of talented machinists use computer-aided machines to achieve high production levels and close dimensional tolerances. Backed by a credentialed on-site metallurgical engineer and exacting quality standards, IME ensures exceptional quality at competitive prices. We have an impeccable reputation with customers ranging from Fortune 500 high-tech companies to small engineering firms.

Our Manufacturing Facility

Our 8,000 square foot facility in Hayward, CA is conveniently located to Silicon Valley technology campuses and businesses throughout the Bay area. Our production shop features CNC machining centers and other conventional lathes and milling machines to tackle any component machining need. Inspection equipment includes a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), profile projector, and other fine measurement devices.

Aluminum Supplier
Engineering Plans

Steven J. Mellinger, Owner and President

Owner Steven Mellinger is a 40+ year veteran of manufacturing who applies his mechanical engineering and quality assurance background to day-to-day operations at International Manufacturing & Engineering. Mr. Mellinger ensures the highest standards of quality, performance, and reliability for every component produced concurrently and prior to International Manufacturing & Engineering. Mr. Mellinger leads plant operations at two leading suppliers of precision products serving the nuclear, aerospace, petrochemical, medical, and automotive industries.

Proficient in materials science, chemical and physical testing, non-destructive testing, heat treatment and finishing and assembly techniques, Mr. Mellinger can provide expert design engineering and manufacturing counsel to our clients.

Mr. Mellinger also brings decades of quality experience including knowledge of quality and systems requirements for a wide range of industries, including military, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing. Thoroughly proficient in current manufacturing processes and programs, Mr. Mellinger ensures adherence to the Six Sigma, MRP II, JIT, TQC, SPC and Synchronous Manufacturing programs used by major manufacturing firms.

Management Profile

Steven Mellinger, President

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • 40+ years precision parts manufacturing

  • Metals, alloys, ceramics, glass and plastic

  • Material selection, testing, and treatments

  • Production, finishing and assembly processes

  • Quality assurance expert

  • 40+ years - Engineering Analysis

Image by Ian Schneider
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