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Over 30 years of manufacturing excellence for high-tech applications

At International Manufacturing & Engineering, we focus on creating consistent, high-quality components to meet the tight tolerances required for the most demanding applications. Our proven success in building reliable, high-performance parts has earned us repeat business from some of the largest engineering and manufacturing companies in the country.

Our customers appreciate competitive prices, turnkey operations, and JIT inventory management options that allow them to achieve their margin goals on finished goods. International Manufacturing & Engineering is proud to offer the quality services you need to be your preferred parts supplier.


  • CNC precision machining

  • TIG welding (including vacuum components)

  • Polishing and deburring

  • Grinding, lapping, Electron-beam welding

  • Nickel plating, anodizing, heat treatment, electro-polishing

Quality Assurance

  • Quality system conforms to MIL-I-45208A

  • CMM measurements

  • Inspection and test

  • Vacuum leak testing

  • Material certification

  • Maintain quality records

Typical projects

  • Validate an engineering design

  • Fast-turnaround of prototype parts

  • Production components

  • Complex assemblies

  • Replacement parts for large-scale industrial equipment

Manufacturing Design

  • AutoCAD

  • SurfCAM CNC programming

  • Engineering design review

  • Material selection

  • Manufacturing process design

Our Services

  • Precision machining of metals, alloys, ceramics and plastics

  • Finishing and treatment services

  • On-site metallurgical engineer

  • Create drawings to customer requirements

  • Materials selection

  • QA inspection and verification

  • JIT warehousing and delivery

  • Responsive service

  • Fast-turnaround capabilities

  • Competitive pricing

  • On-time delivery


  • We offer turnkey metal finishing services in conjunction with our partners

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